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About us

An arial view of a rooftop garden

Our vision

Our cities, much like us, possess both our greatest weakness and our greatest strength. Our vision is to identify and convert every viable, unused rooftop across our cities into a biosolar + storage roof.

Our mission

Building technology that enables evaluating, building and measuring impacts of biosolar + storage roofs across our cities. Our tools are designed to enable cities to adapt and grow more safe, resilient and livable.

Our team

Christine Tibali

Christine Tiballi

Founder & CEO

Christine spent 15+ years in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry before a career transition into the space sector. Armed with satellite remote sensing expertise and deep infrastructure knowledge, she started DirtSat to tackle urban sustainability challenges through geospatial assets.

Change your climate trajectory

Today is the day to take a step toward a carbon-free future.
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An arial view of a rooftop garden