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Accelerating the biosolar + storage revolution

There’s a climate workhorse on your rooftop. We help you unlock its potential.

Two large structures bridging over a multi-lane freeway with massive green and solar rooftops

Discover your rooftop's hidden ROI

Beyond climate adaptation and mitigation potential, installing biosolar + storage roofs can significantly impact net operating costs, tenant retention, and provide a healthy return on investment.

A high impact, low lift platform


Satellite data and AI identify and rank any rooftop, anywhere for biosolar + storage viability. Input a property address to find your score.

Drone shot of the top of a building
A sectional view of a biosolar application showing roof structure, waterproofing, filter fabric, soil, vegetation and a tilted solar panel


Work with a vetted network of expert installers who manage projects from bidding through construction and ongoing maintenance.


Quantify and report impacts with our analytics platform. Track emissions reduction, power generation, and cost savings. Enroll in a VPP to augment grid response, reduce payback periods, and help boost your community's resiliency.

A stepped graphic showing coal burning power plant at bottom left, a natural gas plant a step up, nuclear reactors at the next step, and wind, solar, and vegetation at the top step.

Our Vision

Our cities, much like us, possess both our greatest weakness and our greatest strength. Our vision is to identify and convert every viable, unused rooftop across our cities into a biosolar + storage roof. If we convert 20% of existing roofs to biosolar + storage, we could remove 5.4% of global CO2 emissions.

We're building technology that enables commercial real estate owners to decarbonize their assets with focused long term mitigation and adaptation strategies. Our tools are designed to enable communities to adapt and grow more safe, resilient and livable.

Our team

Christine Tibali

Christine Tiballi

Founder & CEO

Christine spent 15+ years in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry before a career transition into the space sector. Armed with satellite remote sensing expertise and deep infrastructure knowledge, she started DirtSat to tackle urban sustainability challenges through geospatial assets.

Ready to unlock your rooftop potential?

Let's turn your latent assets into energy juggernauts

An aerial view building rooftops with a green corridor below
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